School Events

In charge of finding the DJ for your next school event?

Whether it be a dance, prom, or formal, we know what you’re going through! We’ll get right to it, here is what we do:

  • We play clean music! No profanity and no questionable lyrics.
  • We play the music that all the students want to hear, not just what some students want.
  • We arrive at least 2 hours early for every event, with no setup fee.
  • We meet with you and the student body before you book us. Its too difficult for you to assess a personality over the phone.
  • We are a professional business and insured for all events.

Our basic School Dance package includes music and lights, but if you would like to kick it up a notch, contact us to discuss more options, including:

  • Beat-synced uplighting to create a party atmosphere.
  • Club-style moving heads, shining powerful beams of lights across the dance floor.
  • Silhouette dancing screens for students to show off their moves.

Bolt Entertainment is a member of the School Dance Network. We abide by the National Do Not Play List, compiled by a unique panel made up of students, administrators, parents, DJs, and clergy throughout the country.